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Where’s Polka?

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a Where’s Polka? contest. This time you get one photo clue. If no one answers correctly, I’ll add another photo clue. First person to leave a comment correctly identifying this place (city and state) wins. Previous winners not eligible. Good luck!!!


Michele - Somewhere in UT- Zion National Forest, Hurricane, UT????

coolkids - somewhere in nevada.

Polka Photos - Not Utah.
coolkids – Do you have a guess as to city?

Ala - I think I know if it’s the place whose sign you saw when we were on the phone. I don’t want to post it if I had an unfair advantage…

Polka Photos - Ala – It’s not the place with the sign… but it’s where I was driving to. So yes you already know.

Eugene - Carson City?

Polka Photos - Nope. If no one get the correct answer by noon my time I’ll pot another photo clue.

Eugene - Hmmm…..besides the obvious Las Vegas, the only other ones that come to mind are Reno, Silver Springs, Henderson, and Battle Mountain.

Kirsten - Highway 50 in NV?

Polka Photos - Eugene got the right answer. It is the obvious – Las Vegas!

Polka Photos - Prize is in the mail!

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