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Ten Things We Love

Aleks likes Michael likes Ollie likes


What Aleks Loves


What Mike Loves


I am Ollie


I took my first overseas trip to visit grandma when I was only 5. My passport's current and I love destination weddings!


I'm the author of two novels published by Perfect Edge books with more on the way.

Classic Cars

My favorite is the '67 Mustang, but all classic cars make my heart pitter patter.


A full tank of gas, sunshine and the winding roads in Malibu.

Making Friends

Look, it's me and a horse!


Salsa - the dance not the food. If you play Celia Cruz at your wedding I may just have to dance.


I started running half marathons two years ago and I'll be running my first full marathon later this year.


I enjoy shooting film on vintage and toy cameras.


I started out in college as a music major and still play the guitar, although not as often as I would like.

Dog Park

Outside is fun.


Griffith Park is one of my favorite places in Los Angeles. (And it's where Michael proposed to me!)

Street Art

I love finding cool murals all over the city.

Mystery Shows

Who's your favorite detective?


I love reading. What's your favorite book?


My job is walking.

All Things Vintage

From Great Gatsby and the roaring 20's to Old Hollywood - I love vintage!

Team Fortress 2

I don't play too many games, but when I do, I prefer the world's greatest war-themed hat simulator.


Any kind of black tea, Lipton, Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Awake.


My wife says I'm obsessed with making the perfect cup of iced coffee.


I like chewing stuff.

The Beach

There is nothing more relaxing than a few hours on the beach.

Mixed Martial Arts

I love MMA and boxing.

Big Cats

When I was a little girl I wanted a zoo with lots of animals. (Don't tell anyone but I still kind of do.)


I know chimps are apes. But I love all primates!

Climbing mountains

I love conquering the great outdoors. And then taking a nap.