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Postcards from Playa: Tsunami

Playa del Rey, California
Shortly after moving to Playa del Rey, I noticed the tsunami evacuation signs dotting Culver Blvd.

Playa del Rey wedding photographer, Playa del Rey, California tsunami, California

Like many Angelenos, I first heard about today’s tsunami from my mom, who texted me to pack up the car and leave my home. I turned on the news to find out what time the tsunami was expected. Meteorologists predicted that the wave to hit L.A. was going to be about 3 feet. Although that didn’t sound like much, we’re only a stone’s throw away the ocean. I had an hour before the tsunami was scheduled to hit so I followed the Better-Safe-Than-Sorry-Although-Probably-Nothing-Will-Happen Disaster PlanTM:

1. Take a shower. If disaster is coming, I was going to smell nice. (To all of the moms that tout the importance of clean underwear, your teachings have not gone unheard.)

2. Brush your teeth.

3. Pack up back-up hard drives and laptop.

4. Get camera ready.

5. Hit the road.

6. Find a safe spot where you can take photos.

After parking the car up on a hill, I walked down to the beach. There were a few dozen tsunami watchers staring at the ocean.

California tsunami, Playa del Rey, California

The beach was fairly quiet save for a few lonely joggers and lifeguard vehicle patrols.

California tsunami, Playa del Rey, California

The ocean was calm. The waves looked the same as they did any other day. I experimented with a longer exposure to get the photo below.

California tsunami, Playa del Rey, California

Quite a few onlookers seemed disappointed that nothing happened. One person said it was “much ado about nothing.” Nothing is a lot better than some of the alternatives. We’re lucky that for now we are safe. 
The Japanese people were not so lucky. If you’re inclined to help monetarily, here’s an article listing various disaster relief charities with monies going to the Japanese earthquake relief. My thoughts and prayers are with them.

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