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An Elegant Affair in Santa Monica

Santa Monica, California
Mackenzie and Allan held their wedding at the Wilshire Restaurant.

I wait with Mackenzie in the bride’s room before her entrance.

wedding bride ceremony Santa Monica California

The bride and her dad share a laugh.

wedding, father of the bride, ceremony, Santa Monica, California

A quick peek at the guests.

wedding, bride, ceremony, Santa Monica

Last look.

Los Angeles wedding photographer

It’s time!

wedding, photojournalism, bride, father of the bride, walk, aisle, ceremony, Santa Monica, California

Los Angeles wedding photographer

The outdoor area at the Wilshire is L-shaped, so there are guests on all sides, including behind the bride and groom. Michael is in the back and catches this quick kiss Allan gives Mackenzie as she steps under the pergola.

Los Angeles California wedding photographer

Weddings are so emotional, especially for the moms. There’s the hint of sadness that your little boy or girl is all grown up and leaving the nest so to speak. And then there’s the happiness for his or her new journey, a new life together with a loving partner.

The beautiful and super nice bridesmaids.

wedding, bridesmaids, blue dresses, Santa Monica, California

A judge who knows both Allan and Mackenzie serves as the officiant. He tells stories about the couple, as well as his tips for a good marriage.

The bride and groom are so serious…

Los Angeles wedding photographer

I love this photo of Mackenzie.

bride, wedding, Santa Monica, California

Allan makes Mackenzie smile…

wedding, ceremony, Santa Monica, California

Then they both laugh at the judge’s funny stories.

Mackenzie reads the vows she’s written.

Then it’s Allan’s turn.

The rings.

wedding rings bride groom Los Angeles wedding photographer

wedding rings bride groom Los Angeles wedding photographer

The judge makes the couple wait before their first kiss…

wedding bride groom Los Angeles wedding photographer

 and keeps talking…

and talking…

… and talking….

… and talking.

The kiss…

wedding kiss bride groom Los Angeles wedding photographer

wedding kiss bride groom Los Angeles wedding photographer

The Happy Couple…

and happy grandparents.

wedding bride groom Los Angeles wedding photographer

Now it’s time to celebrate!!!!


Sharp Dressed Man

Santa Monica, California
As promised, I’m updating the blog with new weddings and portrait sessions. Mackenzie and Allan are a super sweet couple and I had a great time photographing their wedding.

I start out with getting ready photos in the groom’s room at The Ambrose Hotel. The Guys Guide to Getting Married must mention that there has to be a game on TV while the groomsmen are getting ready.

wedding groomsmen getting ready Santa Monica Ambrose Hotel

The guys look super elegant in their tuxes. One of the groomsmen says, “If a tux is good enough for James Bond, it’s good enough for me.”

Allan is meticulous, paying attention to every detail.

Speaking of Mr. Bond, Allan wears a white suit jacket a la 007 in Goldfinger. Someone hand that man a martini. Well, maybe after the ceremony.


Beautiful Bride

Santa Monica, California
After taking groomsmen photos, I go to the bride’s room for more getting ready shots. Mackenzie is calm.

wedding bride getting ready Santa Monica Ambrose Hotel California

As I walk around the room, I notice her vows are written on a legal pad. I take a photo of the pad and pen as it is is…

then use their rings around some of the words.

wedding rings Santa Monica California

Look at these awesome heels!

Mackenzie opens a present from her soon-to-be husband…

Gorgeous earrings!

Now on to the hair…

Here it is done.

Mackenzie finishes getting dressed at the ceremony site.

The mother of the bride helps with the dress.

Her sister-in-law helps Mackenzie with her earrings.

Finishing touches…


wedding bride Santa Monica California

Postcards from Playa: Grunion Run

Playa del Rey, California
Who doesn’t enjoy a good day day at the beach? Or a good night. Even the fish come out to play in Playa. In the summer nights, grunions spawn on the beaches of California and Baja during high tide.

Michael and I take a walk to see if we could find some grunions on our local beach. We find a few other people searching for grunions with their flashlights. But no grunions.

We walk, and look, and walk, and look some more. Finally, we see some fast-moving silver creatures right at the wave’s edge.

beach grunion run night Playa del Rey California.

I don’t want to use my flash so I take some photos with the flashlight lighting the fish.

Ready for her close-up.

Then off she goes.

Bye, bye grunions.