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Guitar Hero

Las Vegas, Nevada

Meet Jayme and Joe. Jayme wanted a wreck the dress session incorporating Joe’s guitar. She also wanted her photos to look dark and mysterious. We decided to go to an old cemetery for the shoot.

I toned some of the photos to look like prints made from film. I even burned the corners here just like I used to do in the darkroom.
I’m not sure which photo looks creepier.
I think this one is probably the creepiest bridal photo.
It was pretty hard to get Jayme looking like an extra from a horror movie. First of all, she’s super cute. And when I asked her to be serious, she burst out laughing.
The perfect place for a fall serenade. And look at that light! The sun works its magic.
Joe’s guitar case is shaped like a coffin. It’s even lined in red velvet!
What’s Jayme doing with that guitar?
Don’t let her smile fool you!
And down he goes!
And now they kiss & make-up!
Thank you guys for a super fun time! We’ll definitely let you know next time we’re in town!

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