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Wedding Photography Costs a Latte

This is not going to be a happy wedding post.

Two weeks ago, my good friend’s grandfather passed away after spending several weeks in the hospital. Her family took me in over Thanksgiving weekend every year when I was in college. They always made me feel welcome, as if I was going to my own family’s home.

My friend shared many photos of her grandfather on Facebook. I loved seeing him as a handsome young man in his wedding photos. He beamed with pride walking his sister down the aisle at her wedding. And smiling in his cousin’s wedding photos. Most were in black & white. Most almost 70 years old.

My job is more than taking pretty pictures – it is documenting family history, telling the story of your day. I do not take this honor, this responsibility, lightly.

I know you will share your wedding photos with all your guests. A few years later, you may share them with your children, your nieces, your nephews, your new cousins. You will reminisce with your husband or wife on anniversaries. You may share with grandchildren, grandnieces and grandnephews.

And now I’m going to say something that may not be so popular: Wedding photography is expensive.

Why can’t wedding photos cost as little as, say, Starbucks coffee?

A grande Caffè Latte averages $3.45. The caffeine will get you through most of the day, although you may want to add an extra shot if you’re tired or just get the bigger venti.

I’m going to guess if you’re a regular coffee drinker, you’ll get another cup tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow.

There are 365 days in a year. So that’s $1,259.25 a year for a daily grande Caffè Latte.

My friend is sharing photos that are almost 70 years old.

What if you had a cup of coffee every day for 70 years, assuming prices don’t go up?

$88,147.50 – and that’s not counting the extra days for leap years.

Coffee is important. Your daily cup of joe may be the only thing that gets you through some days. I know it does for me. But you could go a day, maybe two, without it.

You only have one chance for wedding photos that will last for generations.

Still think wedding photography is expensive? I do. It’s priceless.

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Karen D - So true and a great way to put the cost of photography into perspective!

Sadi Lane - Fantastic points! So true! As both a bride and a wedding photographer I can relate on both levels and its so true!

Shani - I totally agree ! The value of photos increases with time- and I love seeing peoples old wedding albums and finding some classics haven’t changed …

Aleks Bienkowska - Thanks Shani! I love old photos!!!

Aleks Bienkowska - Thanks Sadi!

Aleks Bienkowska - Thank you Karen!

Kristine Marie - Aleks, thanks for putting pricing into perspective for many. Photos are a legacy!

Aleks Bienkowska - Thank you Kristine!

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