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Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You…

Many of us are celebrating Memorial Day weekend relaxing with family and friends, eating lots of good barbecue and enjoying the sunshine. Michael and I did the same. We decided to take a break from our never-ending to-do list and to spend time with some of our friends. While enjoying this beautiful weekend, I’m mindful […]

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Happy Easter!

Wishing you and your family a Happy Easter! My favorite Easter masses are Easter Vigil at Christ the King Church and the outdoor sunrise service at  Wayfarer’s Chapel. It’s awe-inspiring to celebrate Jesus’ rising from the dead as the sky slowly turns from black to light.

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Om With a View

Hollywood, CaliforniaMichael and I love hiking in Griffith Park. Today we tried something different – hiking yoga. Although the hike was half as long as our normal route, it was twice as fast and definitely challenging. I loved doing yoga in nature. Instead of staring up at a ceiling, we saw birds and sky and […]

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Encore! Better by the Dozen

Remember my tips for a short and sweet portrait session? These photos are from Natalie and Gerald’s festive wedding in downtown Los Angeles. We only had about thirty minutes before the ceremony for some formal photos and I wanted to spend the majority of that time with the couple. Since Natalie and Gerald weren’t looking […]

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