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Encore! I Left My Heart Here

We had the best time with Melissa and Ryan during their San Francisco engagement session. My favorite moments are unrehearsed, just like this one. I love Melissa’s natural reaction to close her eyes and smile as her fiance kissed her on the cheek. P.S. This was one of our favorite locations – Baker Beach with […]

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So Long San Fran!

San Francisco, California It’s time to bid this city farewell. Perhaps Walter Cronkite said it best, “Leaving San Francisco is like saying goodbye to an old sweetheart. You want to linger as long as possible.”

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Meet Me at the Golden Gate

San Francisco, California One of the challenges to photographing an icon like the Golden Gate Bridge is finding a different way to see it. We took a drive across the bridge… It was covered in a blanket of fog. Neither rain nor snow nor fog will stop this photographer! The sun started to come out… […]

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There’s No Escape

Alcatraz Island, California The Rock looks foreboding as we get closer and closer. Just in case you feel drawn toward the island, this sign makes it clear you should stay away. Alcatraz is only 1.5 miles away from San Francisco but escaping meant braving the cold waters. Birds have taken over this island. It is […]

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It’s Chinatown

San Francisco, California I love exploring new neighborhoods, especially old neighborhoods that are just new to me. Maybe it’s just the mood I was in, but San Francisco’s Chinatown had a mystical, ancient feeling to it, like the dragon guarding the gate. Is he a good luck dragon? Or will he lash out with flaming […]

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