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The Big Day

Burbank, California
I wish I had a tape recorder with me sometimes. As the bridal party was lining up, Jill’s mom said the most heartfelt words about love to Tiffany. I told myself I have to remember what she said… well I forgot. I do remember she almost made me cry.
Tiffany and Jill were married at the lovely Castaway Restaurant in Burbank.
I love this photo, from the proud mom and daughter to the happy dad, their expressions say it all.
Speaking of expressions, here’s the patient flowergirl and ringbearer.
Tiffany is stunning. I loved her dress! She reminded me of Veronica Lake, very glamorous, the golden era of Hollywood.
They both look so serious here…
but that quickly turned into smiles and laughter.
I love this moment between Tiffany and Jill right after the ceremony. The world around them seems to have vanished and they only see each other.
Jill’s Best Woman (and also the Officiant)
Party here we come!

Getting Ready for the Big Day

Burbank, California
Tiffany and Jill had their families over while they got ready. Jill helps Jake get ready first.
He looks so handsome!
His sis tries to help with Jake’s hair but she can’t quite reach.
Mike captured this awesome image of Jill putting the finishing touches on his ‘do.
Tiffany was in charge of make-up – she did all the girls’ make-up and then her own.
A little bit of blush for Olivia and a some hairspray for Jake.
She is so adorable!
I love this photo of Tiffany.
Almost ready…

El Dia de los Muertos

Hollywood, California
Today is the Day of the Dead, a Mexican holiday honoring one’s deceased friends and family. Hollywood Forever Cemetery hosts its 9th annual Dia de los Muertos this year. If you’re in the Los Angeles area, I highly recommend checking it out. These are some photos from last year’s celebration.
There is a line of people waiting outside the cemetery gates. This little girl can’t contain her excitement!
I felt so underdressed.
Altars decorate the side of the road. They usually have photos of the deceased…
…and food, as well as drink and sometimes even cigarettes. Reminds me of the Egyptian burial custom of including all that the dead loved in life so they can use it in their next one.
These altars are all creative…
and beautiful like this homage to Frida Kahlo, one of my favorite artists.
Some are political…
or hi-tech, like this one honoring our fallen troops,
or flamboyant
or funny.
Calaveras, or skulls, are everywhere.
Even Johnny Ramone got in the act!
One of the highlights of the day was a terrifying and beautiful dance performance. I wish I knew the name of this group.
The Day of the Dead is thought to have it’s beginnings during Aztec times (although some say it was celebrated even earlier). After watching this dance I can see why they were great warriors. I can only imagine the terror of being held captive while dancers decked out in skulls spin around and stomp their feet. Add a full moon and it sounds like something from a horror movie.
And with that it’s time to go…

Mama - Your pictures make me want to see the real thing. Well done!

Denise - You’ve been hanging out at cemetaries a lot lately. Should I be worried?

All the shots are beautiful!

Polka Photos - I was just telling Michael that I have back to back blog posts with cemetery photos which times out well for Halloween. I love graveyards – there’s so much art that goes unnoticed there. And I love reading epitaphs. My favorite is Jack Lemmon’s which simply says “IN.”

Smuah - Great shots, Aleks.

Guitar Hero

Las Vegas, Nevada

Meet Jayme and Joe. Jayme wanted a wreck the dress session incorporating Joe’s guitar. She also wanted her photos to look dark and mysterious. We decided to go to an old cemetery for the shoot.

I toned some of the photos to look like prints made from film. I even burned the corners here just like I used to do in the darkroom.
I’m not sure which photo looks creepier.
I think this one is probably the creepiest bridal photo.
It was pretty hard to get Jayme looking like an extra from a horror movie. First of all, she’s super cute. And when I asked her to be serious, she burst out laughing.
The perfect place for a fall serenade. And look at that light! The sun works its magic.
Joe’s guitar case is shaped like a coffin. It’s even lined in red velvet!
What’s Jayme doing with that guitar?
Don’t let her smile fool you!
And down he goes!
And now they kiss & make-up!
Thank you guys for a super fun time! We’ll definitely let you know next time we’re in town!