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Congratulations and Be Prosperous!

Happy Chinese New Year!

tiger Chinese New Year Los Angeles photographer
I’m lucky this tiger didn’t eat me as I was taking his photo. This is Sundar. He’s really a sweetheart. Just don’t make him mad. It’s his year after all, the Year of the Tiger.

Anonymous - I like this picture very much,can You please send me one

Love Mama

Ala - Yes, can you send me a tiger as well? I’d like a pet and he seems fun.

Polka Photos - Tigers are not pets. How about a cat? Maybe that’ll be your housewarming present. Next time I visit we can go look at some shelter or rescue cats.

Classic Chic Wedding in Santa Monica

Santa Monica, California

Christina and Zander’s elegant wedding continued in the ballroom at Shutters on the Beach.

Santa Monica wedding photographer
Shutters on the Beach wedding
Immediately after the newlywed’s entrance, Christina and her dad start their dance.

The bride and groom then go into their first dance, which was beautifully choreographed with just the right amount of pizazz and romance. Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire would be proud.

What better way to end than in a graceful dip.

Ernie Halter and the band rock on all night long.

Even the shy flowergirl came out of her shell and dances to just about every song.

Everyone has such a great time. The dance floor is packed.

I love the cupcakes by the Vanilla Bake Shop. So many flavors, so hard to choose.


Time to say goodnight!

Thank you Christina and Zander for a fun time. Wishing you all the best!


Congratulations Christina & Zander!

Santa Monica, California

The one word that sums up Christina and Zander best is Fun (with a capital f). Their beautiful and elegant sunset ceremony at Shutters on the Beach was punctuated with laughter from the couple and their guests. What a great way to start a marriage!

Santa Monica wedding photographer
I start the day taking some photos of the couple getting ready in their gorgeous suite in Shutters. Christina is a picture of calm.

She’s also ready early. Final lipstick touch-up by make-up artist extraordinaire Poneh Kamrani.

Quick shots of the rings…

Dress and suit jacket

It’s go-time. Christina puts on her gown.

Last-minute phone call.
One of the bridesmaids sprays the bride’s hair one last time.

A spritz of perfume.

Almost ready…

I love Christina’s hair!!!

Zander is running a little bit behind…

He brought their dog Einstein for some photos.

The groom gets ready in a jiffy.

Almost time for the ceremony!

The bride is ready…

Both Christina and her dad fight off the tears.

Walking down the aisle…

One of the couple’s friends performs the ceremony. He tells everyone how Christina and Zander met years ago and slowly became friends. They started dating but for years there was no proposal. At one point the officiant asks the guests who thought the couple would never get married – and most of the guests, as well as the bride, raise their hand.

The bride is so radiant.

The sun is setting quickly which always presents a photographic challenge.

The bride and groom laugh with each other…

…and with their guests.
The Rings
Christina can’t contain her excitement…

and neither can Zander!

The sun’s last rays shine through.
The Kiss

More Kiss

Michael does a great job getting this wide shot of the couple’s first kiss.

Congratulations to the new Mr. & Mrs.

One last kiss before the party starts…